The College provides following support services for the welfare of students:

College Library

The College library has a collection of 7200 number of books pertaining to different disciplines taught in the college.In addition to books covering the prescribed syllabi,the college has many textbooks and reference books which cater to the needs of students desirous of undertaking intensive studies on different subjects of interest.The college library also subscribes to different periodicals,newspapers and journals which help students in remaining up to date about current issues.The college library constantly upgrades its facilities and maintainss an adequate number of latest publications in different subjects.The library facilitates photocopying for students at subsidized rate.

Library Rules

  • Books will be issued only to the bonafide students on production of college Identity Card.
  • A bonafide student can borrow 2 books at a time.
  • Books damaged or lost shall have to be replaced by the borrower or the borrower shall have to pay double cost of the book.
  • Books are issued for a period of 14 days only.Fine @ Rs 1/- shall be charged after due date dor first 15 days and Rs 2/- for next 15 days.
  • Refrence Books,Dictionaries,Journals can be consulted only within the College library.

Heath Care Centre

The College heath care centre maintains necessary stock of medicines and equipment for providing urgent first aid and basic medical care.

Physical Education and Sports

The College has a physical education department which manages the conduct of various sports activities and encourages students to participate in sports of their liking.The College provides facilities in all the major and minor games such as Football,Cricket,Volleyball,Badminton,Table Tennis,Chess,Carrom,Kho Kho etc.College teams in different sport categories are announced on the basis of trials and selection process which takes place just after the completion of admissions.The sportsmen are provided all necessary facilities like Uniforms,equipments and refreshment for training as well as during conduct of tournaments.The college holds intra-group tournaments in all major sports anually.The college also participates in the inter-college sports competitions,besides taking part in all major field and track event organized by the university

Career Counseling Cell

The Career counselling cell,constituted of experienced faculty members,provides information to the students regarding various career options and counsels students regarding choice of subjects in keeping with their aptitude and possible job avenues

Grievance Redressal Cell

The grievance redressal cell is aimed to help the college administration by resolving the greviances of students regarding admissions,timetable,sports facilities etc.Students can approach the cell for redressal of their greviances.

Transport Facility

The College provides transport facility on selected routes to the students hailing from far flung areas.The students desirous of availing the facility need to pay the fee on monthly basis and are provided boarding pass by the college.

College Canteen

College canteen is run on contract basis and makes available basic food items and snacks for the students and staff on subsdized rates.The canteen is managed through college canteen committee.

National Service Scheme

To infuse spirit of social responsibility and attitude of collective effort among students ,the college has two NSS units which enroll students for carrying out different social service activities .NSS volunteers are selected among applicants by NSS Advisory Committee and are guided by trained faculty members,known as programme officers.The NSS volunteers are expected to put in at least 120hours of community service and attend a minimum one camp of 10 days to become eligible for NSS cetificate.

Red Ribbon Club

The College has established a Red Ribbon Club which is involved with activities like Awarness about HIV/AIDS,blood donation Camps.etc.

Scholarship and Financial Assistance

The College provide financial assistance to the students who belong to underprivileged and economically weaker sections of society,out of Students Aid Fund as per the guidelines laid down by Higher Education department.The students need to apply for financial assistance with documents supporting their claim of belonging to any of the categories desreving the financial assistance.the applications are examined by the Scholarship committee and disposed off accordingly.The college also administers post matric scholarship to the students in collaborations with Social Welfare Department